XO Projects

Empowering Second Chances:

Co-creation Projects by Ex-Offenders!

The XO Project is an innovative initiative directly involving ex-offenders in giving back to the community. By sharing their personal stories and experiences, ex-offenders challenge stereotypes, foster empathy, and promote understanding. These initiatives create opportunities for dialogue, education, and reconciliation, encouraging a more inclusive society.


Get ready to HIIT & Run, a high-intensity event that combines unique prison workout routines with conventional HIIT exercises, led by Ex-Offenders!


Singapore's 1st Ever Tour led by Ex-Offenders turned good! Uncovering the underbelly of Singapore's past dark secrets of gangs, drugs & untold crime!


A theatrical storytelling cum Private Dining experience behind ‘bars'.

The evening started with a Private Exhibition of (never before seen!) prison artifacts, followed by an amazing performance by our stars & ending with a sumptuous 3 course dinner accompanied with real life stories by our Ex-Offenders.

Upclose & Personal

A cosy dining experience, led by an ex-offender table host where you can #askanything #noholdsbarred while enjoying a sumptuous meal!

Lawful Assembly

Lawful Assembly is a gathering of ex-offenders onto 1 e-platform to share their lives on employability and second chances while staying relevant in a rapidly-changing marketplace.

Sentence To Success

Featuring 30x Quotes that catalyzed a life-changing crossroad-experience for ex-offenders!

Today, these ex-offenders have overcame the odds in their life to emerge victorious, in part due to these empowering quotes!